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Light - based Additive Manufacturing at the micro & nano scale


The rapid development of Light-based Additive Manufacturing (LAM) has fueled a revolution in various research fields and industrial applications.

The Farsari lab  utilizes sophisticated 3D printing techniques via Multiphoton Polymerization Lithography (MPL). This technique stands out due to its notable advantage in achieving high nanoscale print resolution. It finds applications in diverse fields such as Photonics, Mechanical and Electromagnetic Metamaterials, Medical implants, and Bio-fabrication.

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Best Paper Award

"Laser-based 3D printing of novel optical devices"

Gordon Zyla


Best Postgraduate Thesis 

" Fabrication of 3D low THz metamaterials via 2-photon polymerization"

Savvas Papamakarios

Latest Publications

Fabrication of Glass-Ceramic 3D Micro-Optics by Combining Laser Lithography and Calcination. Advanced Functional Materials, Balčas, G., Malinauskas, M., Farsari, M., & Juodkazis, S. (2023).

Defining 3D nano/micro-structures by ultrafast laser direct writing and tailoring their precursor composition with subsequent tunability of the final properties during 750–1500 °C HTA step takes place at the large surface-to-volume ratio conditions favoring efficient pyrolysis and calcination, which are required for exchange of chemical materials/gases between glass/ceramic phase and surrounding.

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