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Abstract Submission


Abstract submission is now open.

To submit an abstract, you need to be registered as a user in the abstract system. This is separate from the Conference Registration system.

Once you have registered in the abstract system, an email is immediately sent to the email address supplied, confirming your registration and your chosen password.

Once you are registered you may log into the abstract submission system, in which you are asked to complete the process in steps. You will be asked separately for the title, authors, abstract content, etc.

When you are working online, you can save your entries at any time, leave the system and then re-enter to complete.
Please note one of the conditions of submission is that authors give their permission for the conference office to modify the font or layout of their abstract, if necessary, for printing purposes

Submitted abstracts should be formatted according to the MS Word abstract template that we provide.

If you have any queries about the submission process or you want to withdraw an abstract please contact the conference administrator at

Abstract Submission: Text
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