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Funded Projects

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The PULSE project brings 13 partners throughout Europe together for one mission – enabling the shift to an advanced manufacturing industry by developing an affordable high-power ultrashort pulsed laser system based on tapered fiber amplifier technology.


he main objective of FemtoSurf project is to develop, test and demonstrate industrial-grade solidstate 2-3 kW-level fs laser with parameters suitable for metal surface patterning applicable in industrial settings. FemtoSurf industrial-grade 2-3kW level fs laser will be integrated in propose built optical chain enabling multi-beam processing, integrated into a fully automated processing setup for efficient patterning arbitrary shaped metal components with sizes exceeding several meters while retaining micrometre level precision and on-the fly quality assessment (zero faulty parts delivered).


In2Sight will foster the development of
economically and ethically sustainable
bio-tests using an innovative in-vivo
optical imaging tool.

In2Sight will allow unprecedented
quantitative and longitudinal analyses
of the host inflammatory response to
the implant, with huge ethical,
scientific and economical impact.

In2Sight is a consortium of
seven partners from five countries
with highly interdisciplinary competencies.

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