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Maria Farsari

Research Director


(+30) 2810 391342


A Bit About Me

​Dr. Maria Farsari is an international leader in laser-based 3D printing, in which she first got involved as a postdoctoral researcher in 1997. She is responsible for the first demonstration of 3-photon polymerisation (2005), and for showing that off-the-shelf materials could be used for 3D printing via multi-photon polymerisation. She pioneered the use of laser-made 3D scaffolds for cell growth and tissue engineering. Her team were the first to demonstrate redox multiphoton polymerisation in 2013. Also, developed the organic-inorganic hybrid photosensitive material SZ2080, now used widely by leading groups in China, Japan, USA, Germany amongst others, for 3D printing via multiphoton polymerisation. For this work, they were awarded the second prize at the SPIE Innovation Village, 2010. In 2014, Dr. Farsari was awarded a Visiting Professorship by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China, which was cancelled due to her pregnancy. She earned her PhD at the University of Durham, UK, and received a Human Capital and Mobility fellowship. Following that, she worked for almost four years as an Optical Scientist at DeLaRue Holographics. Later, she co-founded Xsil Ltd. in Dublin, a company that excelled in precision laser systems and robotics, winning the top prize in the 2001 Irish National Innovation Awards.

Research Records

  • 135 publications in international peer review scientific journals, including publications in top class journals, such as Nature Photonics (IF=39.7), Advanced Materials (IF=29.4), Advanced Functional Materials (IF=19.9), ACS Nano (IF= 18.0), Science Advances (IF=15.0) , Nano Letters (IF=10.8),  Optica (IF=10.6),  Advanced Optical Materials (IF=10.1), ACS Photonics (IF=7.1), Scientific Reports (IF=4.6),  Optics Letters (IF=3.6) etc.;

  • 4 Patents

  • 8730 citations

  • h-Index = 50




  • Light-based Additive Manufacturing

  • Laser-based 3D printing

  • Multiphoton Lithography

  • Biofabrication

  • Nonlinear Optics

  • Photonics and Metamaterials

Work Experience







Human Capital and Mobility Fellow, Department of Physics,

University of Durham, UK

Research Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Durham, UK

Research Fellow, School of Engineering, University of Sussex, UK

Senior Optical Scientist, DeLaRue Holographics, UK

Senior Development Engineer, Xsil Ltd, Ireland

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